Saturday, June 23, 2012

This song gets me... soft jive... makes me want to move a little seductively.... 

My moon....My when (re)mixed

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


There isn't much I can say other than this song goes hard .....MERCY MERCY MERCY

Frank Ocean

You may be familiar with Frank Ocean as a ghost writer for Justin Bieber and on the Watch The Throne album with Kanye and Jay-z.... but thankfully he has gone solo!  I just can't get enough of his voice...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lana Del Rey Addiction

She is spreading like wild fire...  with multiple hits comes many remixes.... GREAT remixes I should say.   Check out this dubby remix of Video Games (Liam Walds Dubstep Remix).  It's my personal favorite. 

Lana Del Rey

"...I sing my body electric..."
Recently, Lana Del Rey debuted a new song, "Body Electric"!  This past weekend she preformed this new typical mellow acid trip hit of Del Rey's at El Rey Theatre (pun.)  

Dark Shadow Soundtrack..THROW BACK!

If you haven't seen Dark Shadows by Tim Burton, then you're missing out!  The movie alone was great, but the soundtrack was the highlight of the entire movie.  Personally, I loved how it stayed true to the era, but each song was fitting for which ever scene it may have been in.  I'm not sure if I got all the songs, but these are the ones I recognized during the film... I couldn't help myself from singing along....

Track List: 
"Nights in White Satin" Moody Blues
"I'm Sick of You"  Iggy Pop
"Superfly" Curtis Mayfield
"Paranoid" Black Sabbath
"Seasons of the Witch" Donovan  (You would probably recognize his hit "Mellow Yellow)
"Highway Star" (Deep Purple- Roger Glover Remix) 
"Top of the World" The Carpenters
"Bang a Gong (Get It On) T-Rex
"Crocodile Rock" Elton John
"You're the First, the Last, My Everything" Barry White
"No More Mr. Nice Guy" and "Ballad of Dwight Fry" 
Alice Cooper (who was in the film)

"Theme from a Summer Place" Percy Faith, written by Max Steiner

...and if you have no idea who these artists are then you obviously weren't exposed to good music as a child... 

Bravo Danny Elfman, you truly collaborated a collection of songs to make this film complete! 

Monday, June 4, 2012


I was driving around with a buddy of mine bumping Curren$y all night long.... I don't listen to this genre as much as I used too, but it was the perfect choice for having the windows down and the subs blasting.  Curren$y is the sort of guy you would want to kick it with, but since he is living the dream the best you can do is play him on your ipod at a kick back playing beer pong in the backyard.  

I'm all about Curren$y ...The perfect mellow vibe...Just living high and mighty!

Check out Curren$y on Youtube.  These are my personal favorites as of this second....


Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Naked And The Famous - Young Blood (Tiësto & Hardwell Remix)

Tiesto Tiesto...TIESTO!!  A person who has a statement along the lines of, "I'm not a fan of Tiesto", is an idiot and doesn't know what they are talking about!  Tiesto has been around and on top of his game for years and there is nothing stoping him!  If you have yet to see Tiesto live then you must be tied to a chair because I can't understand what is holding you back!  Get out of your seat and dance monkey, DANCE!  

I recently got his new Club Life Vol. 2 Miami and it is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!
(The only thing I'm bothered with is, this link only shows a teaser...)

If you want the full version, here it is off of youtube...
Young Blood

"Give It Some Time" (Morgan Page Remix)

This is only a little taste of what is to come... Morgan Page is a master at mixology!   Be sure to follow him on Soundcloud... you won't be disappointed!  He is constantly uploading episodes as he titles, In The Air, based after his In The Air sure to check it out!!!!

The xx- Coexist

After 3 years of patiently waiting, The xx have finally announced they are releasing their next album on September 11th!  Constantly touring has made up much of their time, yet that hasn't stopped them from creating another album.  For all you indie rock lovers, be sure to order what is bound to be another epic album of theirs! 

Who are the xx?  Well, obviously you live under a rock...
Check out their self titled album XX or get tickets FAST to see them on tour...

Here are some of my favorites...
2. Fantasy

Tour Dates and Locations:

Day Dreamers

For all you day dreamers like me... I present to you Midi Matilda

And for all you REMIX HAPPY JUNKIES like me... then I know you will enjoy this.  Here is the MyKill Remix ...

Paris Hilton ...a DJ?! WTF

Ladies and Gents... If you have not heard already, then let me be the first to inform you.   PARIS HILTON IS TRYING TO BECOME A DJ.... No I am not joking...and yes I would rather die too.    Apparently, she has been spotted in Ibiza studying under the one and only David Guetta...  Afrojack, if only you weren't tempted by Paris Hiltons manly ways, the world wouldn't be preparing for this life or death situation.  Some words of advice Afrojack: her track record with men should be enough of a sign in telling you to avoid contact at all coasts!  Afrojack, have you ever heard her Stars Are Blind album from 2006??? (Stars Are Blind... the rest of us are trying to forget those horrid tracks.  Please don't put us through the pain again, I know I can't bare it.  

Check out this video of Paris.....
"LMAFO" ...?  Really Paris... You've worked with them and you can't even say it correctly... stop while you can Paris!! PLEASE I BEG OF YOU!  Going to raves in New York since you were 15... no wonder you don't have a brain, too many hits of MDMA? Kids, take Paris Hilton as an example of what not to do... 

Here is her new hit Louder ft. Flo Rida... thank god for voice editing, because it doesn't sound like her obnoxious voice....  The best thing about this song is the beat.  It's just another club hit that you can dance too and fill your set list with.  

Let me know what you think.... Do you think Paris Hilton will have a hit on her hands or a big miss?


Thank GOOOOODNESS it is summer time!  Now I can officially cruise with my windows down and volume up! Lately I have been drooling over this jammer...  

I'm not the biggest Guetta fan (the worlds #1 sell out DJ), and I am falling out of love with Avicii, but I do love a good mashup. Honestly, if I hear LEVELS by avicii or any David Guetta song featuring some famous American artist, such as Nicki Minaj or Pitbull, one more time, I might died from "over-played-syndrome".  For some reason when I hear this song, I can just envision summer nights dancing at the clubs with my girlfriends... or hanging out at the beach and by sun down, enjoying a nice bonfire and some beers... 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

I Love This City Day 1 and 2...

People go to all day festivals for many reason... but most importantly, they all come for the love of music!   I Love This City 2012 was the first event of its kind.  It is strictly for California and hosted specific DJ's directed towards the Northern and Southern crowds.  There were 2 events, the first being in Northern California at the Shoreline Amphitheater and the second in San Diego, who cares where.  Fortunately for those living in Northern California, you were given a 2 day event!  Where as San Diego was one day and had a pathetic line up if you ask me.   SF had the best of the best performing this weekend!  

Originally, CHUCKIE was supposed to perform, but due to last minute travel issues, ILTC had to find replacemnts.  Fortunately for us, we were able to see TENDERLIONS.  Local boys from SF who knew how to start a party!  Cute and family orientated...they invited their parents and grandparents to the show...I had the privilege of partying with mom and grandma!  Wild ones!!  These boys threw it down!  I don't know if it was their set or if it was their buddy dressed in a leopard print bodysuit, but they got the crowd on their feet and ready to start the weekend off the right way!  Check them out on Soundcloud. 

Steve Aoki really knows how to get the crowd going with not only his music, but with his energizer bunny personality! This man is all over the place on stage, which made me question- does he have a re-recorded set?  Either way, I still enjoyed myself.  One second he is spinning, then the next he is tossing cakes in peoples faces... yes....cakes!  He threw a cake into one "lucky" fans face.  I hope she was hungry because he got her good!  He comes out with a second, but before he could get someone else, I fan ran on stage and swiped it out of his hands.  But fear not, Aoki comes out with a third cake.  Not only did he think the crowd was hungry, but a bit thirsty as well.  He shook up a bottle of champagne and showered the crowd with it.  He pulled a few fans on stage and threw them onto a blow up boat which is meant for pools now swimming crowds, but Aoki doesn't care, because he is STEVE AOKI!   Not only was the crowd entertained by his crazy ways, but they were impressed by his music! I went wild when he started playing the Ladi Dadi- Tommy Trash remix... but I was so impressed with his new song with Knife Party...well played Aoki.... Bravo to a well done show.  Oh, and BTW, digging the skeleton leggings.... Only you and your long hair could pull that look off!  

Champagne shower time... 

Raining Glitter!

Time for a swim...

If you don't know who Duck Sauce is, then you obviously don't listen to EDM.  Sorry, I'm not sorry, but you need to youtube Duck Sauce ASAP.   You have to hear them live to fully understand what they are all about.  Duck Sauce has a bit of a disco touch where you just want to get down and boogie all night...  check out their video for "aNyway".  It is personally one of my favorite songs of theirs...and YES they played it!  I was dancing like a mad woman...but then again, when am I not dancing!  Of course they played their big hits "Barbra Streisand" and "The Big Bad Wolf".... everyone started howling like a wolf... pretty great! 

Before switching locations and sunset...

...After switching locations and sunset

Sebastien Ingrosso, classy man he is!  Opens with Swedish House Mafia's big new hit, "Greyhound", just like they did at Coachella 2012.  Of course, at Coachella it was WILD, but I have to give him credit for getting the crowd pumped with that as his opening song! I will admit that his solo performance at ILTC was better than Coachella, not just because of his set list, but his graphics.  They were pretty weak at Coachella this year, but were well put together at ILTC.  Personally, the night would have been a lot better if Ingrosso was the final performer... his lazars and lights were just mind blowing!!! 

Swedish House Mafia- Coachella 2012

Dying over all the colorful lazars! 
Afrojack...What can I say.... it was a bit pathetic. Of course this is my opinion, but I've seen him do better.  As the final artist of the day, it was weak, UNTIL his last song.  He played the best Michael Jackson remix I've ever heard!  Other than that I was a bit disappointed.  His little buddy he had with him was driving me crazy.  I wanted to grab the mic from him and hit him on the head with it yelling, "SHUT UP!!"  No one wants to hear him talk, we just want to enjoy the music!  Afrojack did impress me by chugging goose with no chaser.... the life of a dj must be rough (not!).  Oh and before I forget Afrojack, where was Ms. Hilton??  I was expecting to see your excessively tall life size barbie doll at your side, considering she is preparing herself to be the next "big dj".... yes people..... Paris Hilton is making her own EDM album.  Prepare to die....

I Love This City Day 1 was a success and after 6 hours of dancing I surprisingly didn't want the night to end!   

Day 2 of I Love This City was the day I had been looking forward too for MONTHS!  Why?... because my main man TIESTO was playing!  Rumor has it that he couldn't headline the show because he had to get to Vegas right after and perform at 1:30am... just living the dream Tiesto! 

It was obvious that more people purchased single day passes for Day 2 because Shoreline was PACKED!    It took me about an hour to get into the floor section for the main stage.  I was dedicated to get down way was I sitting on the lawn for Tiesto!  I wanted to get as close as possible...

By the time I finally squeezed and talked my way through the line, MADEON was performing.  This little kid rocked it!  I couldn't get over how young he looks... what is he 15? 16?  How ever old this kid is, he put on an amazing show!  His graphics were legit and his set list was awesome!  

Hard to see, but he looks no more than 16 years old...
LAIDBACK LUKE!  WOW! He can really put on a show!  I've seen him four times now and this was his best performance!  You had to be there (obviously), but it was mind blowing!!!!  His choice of songs were GLORIOUS!!!   The fact that he played Dirty Talk, Maximal Crazy, Turbulence, and Internet Friends was WILD!  Other DJ's would tease the crowd by playing parts of Internet Friends like, "YOU BLOCKED ME ON FACEBOOK, NOW YOU ARE GOING TO DIE....", but never the drop (which is the best part!).  The crowd had no idea that was coming our way!!  Everyone went crazy when the drop finally hit... I know I couldn't control myself!  HE PLAYED JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE "I'M BRINGING SEXY BACK"....enough said! He even played Nero- Crush on You... Honestly LL went all out!  I really loved his graphics... he had this virtual 3D grid of San Francisco... I felt like I watching Tron: The San Francisco edition.... If you haven't seen Laidback Luke before, put him on your Bucket List... you won't be disappointed! 
Here are some teasers of his performance from Saturday...
I didn't take many photos of LL because I was too busy dancing...
I've seen Tiesto so many times now, but he just keeps getting better to me!  Sure he is a bit trancey, but that's what I like!  Oh Tiesto, what can I say other than I LOVE YOU! He opened with "Chasing Summer" and the second that drop came...the subs just take over your body! EVERYONE WAS OUT OF CONTROL!  Tiesto had the best graphics of them all..... hands down!  He had clips of gorgeous woman seductively moving with water falling on them.... glimpses of women's eyes blinding at the crowd.... silhouettes of men and woman was a performance piece!  I couldn't stop dancing... There is so much I could say about him, but I will refrain... Basically, I never wanted it to end!  HE HAD THE CROWD GOING NUTS!!

Blinding Eyes

Blurry, but I could careless...
I Love Tiesto! 

Glitter and Lazars!

To finish the second, and final night of I Love This City was DAVID GUETTA.  I think I can say this for pratically everyone at ILTC- when David Guetta started playing, it was the loudest BOOOOOOOM  I have ever heard... I literally JUMPEd out of my seat!  Like many of these other DJ's, I have seen DG before.  This was not my favorite performance he put on.  In fact, the crowd entertained me more.  A girl snuck on stage and was ambushed by staff....hilarious!   Even David Guetta was cracking up...  A group of acrobatic, neon lit ravers were standing on peoples shoulders and doing stunts... FULLY impressed!  Personally, I don't believe he was playing a live set.  He put on a better show at Coachella 2012 and EDC 2011.  HE WOULDN'T EVEN DO AN ENCORE! Granted he wasn't allowed, but screw the rules...they are meant to be broken at raves! I would have been more impressed with DG if he had played for another few minutes...  I won't deny that I had a blast!  Half way through his set, my friends and I ran as close to the stage before the staff pushed us back!  Also, my friend put me on his shoulders and I was on yea, I had a great time! 

David Guetta Part 1
David Guetta Part 2

After an entire weekend of non stop dancing, I must say I am all shook up!  Time to finally pass out after that great workout! 

*Thank you jeremykirkf2 for posting videos on youtube....