Sunday, June 3, 2012

Paris Hilton ...a DJ?! WTF

Ladies and Gents... If you have not heard already, then let me be the first to inform you.   PARIS HILTON IS TRYING TO BECOME A DJ.... No I am not joking...and yes I would rather die too.    Apparently, she has been spotted in Ibiza studying under the one and only David Guetta...  Afrojack, if only you weren't tempted by Paris Hiltons manly ways, the world wouldn't be preparing for this life or death situation.  Some words of advice Afrojack: her track record with men should be enough of a sign in telling you to avoid contact at all coasts!  Afrojack, have you ever heard her Stars Are Blind album from 2006??? (Stars Are Blind... the rest of us are trying to forget those horrid tracks.  Please don't put us through the pain again, I know I can't bare it.  

Check out this video of Paris.....
"LMAFO" ...?  Really Paris... You've worked with them and you can't even say it correctly... stop while you can Paris!! PLEASE I BEG OF YOU!  Going to raves in New York since you were 15... no wonder you don't have a brain, too many hits of MDMA? Kids, take Paris Hilton as an example of what not to do... 

Here is her new hit Louder ft. Flo Rida... thank god for voice editing, because it doesn't sound like her obnoxious voice....  The best thing about this song is the beat.  It's just another club hit that you can dance too and fill your set list with.  

Let me know what you think.... Do you think Paris Hilton will have a hit on her hands or a big miss?

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